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Next Make


Pictures from our First Build Party

Next House Party System

This wiki will be used to store project ideas and discussions related to Next Make's party lighting system.


Please see the Full Article, which has better pictures and more info!

  • 8 panels, each containing a row of 4 RGB segments. These will go in the front portion of the party area. Data will be transmitted to panels via a single shared asynchronous serial channel. To dim the LEDs, each panel will have 2 AVR microcontrollers from the ATMega168 family, with each ATMega being able to output 6 PWM channels.
  • A row of RGB clusters that will light up the rear of the party area. They will all be connected to the same controller.
  • Large panels of dimmable(?) UV LEDs, all controlled at the same time. Each panel will have its own ATmega168 to receive data.
  • Panels of white LEDs (either part of the UV LED panels or separate panels) which will only strobe on and off. Again, each panel has its own ATmega.
  • We have lots of videos and pictures documenting the process, but we're still writing everything up.
  • Here are some videos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Party System Components

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