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To Purchase

Item Supplier Part number Quantity Price Notes
ATMega48 Digikey ATMEGA48A-PU-ND 16 (panels) + 1 (rear) + ? (one for each UV/strobe panel) 2.58
SN75176B Digikey 296-1739-5-ND 8 (panels) + 1 (rear) + ? (one for each UV/strobe panel) 0.88 These are cheap enough that we can just buy one for each Atmega
Copper Clad Board Digikey? Elsewhere? See here A lot Varied We need to determine which sizes we'll end up needing for everything as well as whether we want single-sided or double-sided
ATX Power Supply Newegg N82E16817709010 1 15.99 + 5.99 S&H We can also buy a bunch at the Swapfest in October for $5 each.

Maybe Obtainable Otherwise

Item Quantity Notes
RJ45 Jacks 2*8 (panels) + 2*1 (rear) + 2*? (two for each UV/strobe panel) Did Paul say he had access to a bunch?
Cat5 Cable A lot I think Paul said SIPB has a lot / They're super cheap on Monoprice

We may want to use Sparkfun's USB->RS485 board for the data link since it is already designed for an RJ45 connector, although it's a bit pricey at $20.

We need some cheap transistors that will do PWM well. There are probably a couple million options.

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