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How to LightDJ

Just as parties have musical DJ's, we will additionally have a LightDJ to control the lighting system. The job of the LightDJ is to choose appropriate plugins, crossfade between them, add special effects, and keep the music in sync with the lights.

The LightDJ GUI is designed to be very fast and efficient - it can be operated with extremely high speed using only a keyboard (though a mouse can optionally be used).

Here are the keyboard shortcuts to using the LightDJ software:

  • SPACEBAR - Opens up the Visualizer chooser. Select a visualizer by typing the letter associated with the visualizer. Please note that the plugin you choose will replace the most "cross-faded out" plugin for continuity.
  • Left/Right Arrow - Cross fade all the way to the left/right
  • Down Arrow - Cross fade all the way to the opposite side
  • Control + Left/Right/Down Arrow - Automatic smooth cross-fade towards the left/right/other side. Doesn't require a mouse!
  • Alt + Left/Right Arrow - Automatic, faster smooth cross-fade towards the left/right.
  • Backspace - All lights off (Hold)
  • S, D, F, J, K, L - Special input keys used for certain plugins (ex., finger piano)
  • F5 - White burst (with painful white LED's)
  • F7 - Hue shift (Hue gets inverted, fades back to normal)
  • F8 - White burst (without painful white LED's)
  • Enter - same as F8, White burst (without painful white LED's)
  • F9 - Slide left
  • F10 -Slide right
  • F11 - UV strobe mode
  • F12 - White strobe mode (Hold)
  • Escape - Emergency lighting mode
  • [, ] - Flash a single random strobe (both "[" and "]" do the same thing - allows you to flash strobes quickly)
  • Shift key - start entering pulses for the tempo
  • Z - Enter in a pulse. Tap the beat with z to enter in the tempo while SHIFT is held down
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