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Provided below are links to information regarding the LEDs used in the project (see here for options that were considered).

RGB (Panels & Rear Lighting)

Using DealExtreme SKU 4530.

Nominal rating:

  • Red: 2.5V ~ 3.0V, 350mA
  • Green: 3.2V ~ 3.8V, 350mA
  • Blue: 3.2V ~ 3.8V, 350mA

According to customer discussions, they seem to be Prolight model PG1N-3LFE. Website Datasheet

White (Strobes)

Using DealExtreme SKU 4516.

Nominal rating seems to be 7.3V @ 750mA, but customers report 6.6V @ 750mA. Each chip is two white LED dies in series.

They seem to be Edixeons. Possible datasheets (the ones we purchased have more light output, so these datasheets are probably of older versions): Version 1.2 Version 1.0

UV (Blacklights)

Using 3W UV Emitters from SatisLED.

Nominal rating is 3.2-3.6V @ 750mA. A datasheet with more information was requested.

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