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Our slogan: Not Quite Mongolia


Ryan McDermott

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am Junior majoring in Course 2 (Mech E). I am a Florida Native but have learned to love it in Boston. As President of Next House, I run Next Exec meetings, talk to other dorm leaders and administrators, and try to help make Next House one of the best dorms at MIT. When I am not doing Next Exec related things, I play pool and ping pong in the basement, play tennis for the Intramural Next House Tennis team, lose at chess to my roommate Xavier, participate in MIT Model United Nations, or hang out in deep four east. If you ever need me, stop by room 464!

VP Relations

Antonio Moreno

Social Chair

Tegan Hunter

Tegan is a Course 7 (Biology) member of the Class of 2015. Like many other Course 7's, she can frequently be found in lab, where she gets to play with mice, grasshoppers, and worms! Tegan absolutely adores living at Next, and addition to being a part of Next Exec, she's a Resident Associate Advisor and Costume Crew Head for Next Act. In her role as Social Chair, she works to make sure that everyone in Next House loves Next House as much as she does and to strengthen the Next House community - plus she gets to throw tons of awesome events! Tegan fully embraces the "social" part of her title, so if you have any ideas for social events, questions about Next House, or want just want to say hello, drop by room 501 or send her an email!

Tegan's also excited to represent Nexties on the UA Council this year, and if you have any concerns or opinions regarding campus-wide issues, please share them with her.


Carlos Cuevas

Hey Nexties! I am freshman and a Course 16 major, after a long passion and fascination with airplanes and rockets alike. Therefore like Norman, I love SSSSSSPPPPPPPPAAAAAACCCCCEEEEEE! I am from Orland Park (Chicago), IL and am now an enthusiastic Bostonian (obviously). I love Next House (obviously), and as Secretary I make sure all Next Exec talk is distributed to the rest of the house; furthermore, I am in charge of the official calendar. I love movies, music (Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, etc.), soccer (FUUUUUUUTTTTBBBBOOOLLLLLL), table tennis (Eli shall never have a day without a smash in his face hehe), and meeting people. So stop by 266 (this is not a request, this is a demand J). Best wishes, @Los_The_Hammer.

Tech/Website Chair

Jamar Brooks

Come see me in the 5W lounge or my room, which is 518, so you can check there too. I play pool a lot and I'm course 6-3. (to be continued)

VP Facilities and Services

Xavier Hubbard

Hey guys! My name is Xavier Hubbard and I am currently a junior doubling in 8 and 6-1! I will be serving on Next Exec as VP Facilities for 2013 and I want to turn Next House into a Next Home. I am ashamed of myself for that awful joke. As for some random facts, I am from Dallas, TX, I've played the violin for 9 years, and I love playing chess. I live in room 466 with Ryan McDermott (president) and our doors are always open! Don't hesitate to say hi!

Housing Chair

Sam Bishamber

I'm a junior majoring in course 16. I'm originally from South Florida so Boston weather makes me sad but thankfully, Next House is a warm and welcoming place to escape to and I'm happy to call it home! As housing chair, I hope to help foster community within Next and make Nexties as comfortable and happy as possible. I truly believe Next is the best dorm on campus and I'm extremely excited to serve the House in any way I can. =]

Dining Chair

Haley Hurowitz


Meghana Vurruyu


Norman Cao

junior in three west
loves rockets, physics, and math
feel free to talk to =)

Alumni Chair

Tracy Cheng

Hey guys! I'm Tracy and I'm a freshman thinking about 2A, 9, and 6-3. I'm from the very edge of NYC. During my free time I like to make modular origami, dance, and be silly. As alumni relations chair I organize events such as alumni dinners to allow alums to connect and share their experiences with current residents. I love Next House and hope to help maintain strong connections between Nexties throughout the years! :-)

Non-Voting Chairs

Publicity Chair

Tricia Shi

Hey, I'm Tricia! I'm Course 6-3, and I'm a 2017. I help throw and publicize events around next house. I like cute things, fluffy things, and yummy things. Come say hi (:

Athletics Chair

Feras Saad

CPW Chair

Kyle Saleeby

i3 Chair

Joshua Fabian