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Current Next Exec Officers

Please note that all email addresses are @mit.edu.

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Kyle Saleeby [next-president]

If you yell "Get down, Mr. President!" in my vicinity, I will greatly appreciate your concern for my well-being.

VP Relations

Lauren Huang [next-vprel]

I champion the cause of our >10 (!) Next House student groups and >100 (!!) mailing lists. I'm a 2017 resident of 3E. Ask away if you have questions, or just want to say hello! When I'm not buried in emails, I enjoy eating new foods and taking long walks along the beach (and anywhere else).

VP Facilities and Services

Emmanuel Fasil [next-vpfac]

Hello! I am the Vice President of Facilities and Services, which means I am in charge of maintaining the equipment around Next House, and occasionally adding more fun facilities around the dorm. I am ​dangerously​ silly and approachable, so stop by my room and ask questions/say hi! (Unless my room is being a storage room, then I'll probably be in the 2e main lounge.)

Social Chair

Jonas Whitney [next-social]

The truth is... I am Iron Man. Minus the being a complete jerk part.


Emma Kerwin [next-secretary]

Hi! I'm Emma! I live in 4W, and I'm really excited to be on Exec this year. I'm also involved in Next Haunt and Next Act. Talk to me about course 15, skiing, the color turquoise, and being from Massachusetts!

Tech/Website Chair

Bennett Amodio [next-techchair]

Yo, I'm Bennett. I'm a proud member of 2e, although I've been spending a lot of time outside of Next lately. I really treasure my Next House friends and the community we have, and I hope that together, we can work to make Next even better!

Housing Chair

Brenda Stern [next-housing]

I like houses and houses inside houses. I also like designing stable and sustainable houses (and other structures). When I manage to escape house-related duties, I enjoy drinking new teas and caring for my plants.

Dining Chair

Greta Farrell [next-dining]

Hi, my name is Greta and I talk to dining people a lot! If you have dining dreams, tell me about them and I will make them all come true!


Carlos Cuevas [next-treasurer]

I give out the monies.


Cynthia Lo [next-judcomm]

Hi! I'm the new-Lauren! You'll see me around peskering wing reps to spend money (= more food for you, fellow Nextizen!), helping out with elections, and generally dispensing Judicial Committee Chair-ly commentary. I like food, goofiness, and Doctor Who!

Alumni Chair

Bill Pinney [next-alumni]


Non-Voting Chairs

UA Representative

Nora Enright [next-ua-rep]

Publicity Chair

Tiffany Tao [next-publicity]

Rachel Wu [next-publicity]

Hai there! I like cute things (Pichu, Totoro, the like), artsy design (#6ff), and photography (Nikon side of the holy war). I'm allergic to Comic Sans, and I LaTeX birthday cakes.

Athletics Chair

Justin Bader [next-athletics]

I'm in charge of IM sports! Please don't sit on the table tennis table.

Bennett Amodio [next-athletics]

Yo, I'm still Bennett. I'm also one of the Athletics Chairs in addition to being Tech Chair.

CPW Chair

Katherine Stone [next-cpw-chair]

Long ago legends spoke of a time when an MIT student might have an easy schedule and enjoy the otherwise mythical, 'free time.' It seems, not all such tales are tall ones. Just this year, one Nextie accomplished such a feat. It was lucky timing too, for her beloved home, Next House, was in dire straights.

"You love Next House, and aren't too stressed," her President said, a plea of desperation clear in his sparkling eyes, "Don't you want to share that joy with prefrosh, and run CPW this year?"

The heroine pondered the request and then, with all the bravery of her level 15 Wizard, said, "Yeah, sure. Sounds fun."

REX Chair

Aditya (Diits) Gopalan [next-rex-chair]

Diits will buy you coffee on the second Tuesday of next week. Pinky swear.

i3 Chair

Rupayan Neogy [next-i3]

I take videos, and that is all I do.

Larry Wang [next-i3]

I make music, and that is all I do.