Student Resources

Next House has many resources for students to access from the Residential Peer Mentors Program to our Area Director and Heads of House. All the members of the community are there to help and support students and specifically freshmen as they accustom to Next and the Institute.

Residential Peer Mentors

Next House is one of four dorms with the Residential Peer Mentor (RPM) Program. This means that in addition to being assigned a faculty advisor and associate advisor, you and other first year students living on your floor will also be paired with an upperclass Nextie who serves as your Peer Mentor. The Peer Mentors are here to be a resource and to help you in any way you may need while navigating your first year here at Next House and the Institute. You’ll hear from Next’s Peer Mentors later this summer!

Graduate Resident Tutors and Wing-Reps

GRTs are graduate residence tutors that live in each wing, ready to provide advice, throw awesome study breaks, and generally make your stay at Next House more enjoyable!

Each wing also elects one or more student wing-reps, who also help throw study breaks and generally make sure that the people in their wings are happy.

The House Team

The Next House Team is made up of our RLAD (Residential Life Area Director) - Topher Nelson [tophern], our Heads of Houses, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero [pjarillo] and Empar Rollano-Hijarrubia [empar], and the GRTs of each wing.

Next Exec

Next Exec is our student government. Exec is responsible for running the housing lotteries, planning social events and study breaks, managing finances, keeping in touch with alumni, and generally making sure Next House doesn’t burn down. You can view Next Exec’s Constitution and Bylaws, which lays out their responsibilities and procedures.

President: Jessica Tang [next-president] jessica

Hiyo! I’m Jessica~ I like art, writing, and playing video games. I’m always down to chat and adventure. I can be found either in 2E or running around Next House Best House C:

VP Relations: Mary Dahl [next-vprel] mary

Hey there, I’m Mary. I’m a course 16 and a 2020. When I’m not wrangling student groups or being generally over-committed around Next, you can find me planning and building Next Haunt, adventuring with Next Quest, building and acting in the Shakespeare Ensemble, panicking about rockets, or causing mischief in SafetyThird!

VP Facilities & Services: Matt Farejowicz [next-vpfac] matt

Hello! I fix Next House when it is broken.

Social Chair: Faraz Mazroor [next-social] faraz

Home isn’t a place; let me give you a clue! Home is anywhere where people care about you. But home is where your heart is, Finn, and where is your heart, Finn? Well, it’s right there inside you, while I’m sitting right here beside you. With your lucky stars to guide you from above!

Secretary: Thomas Adebiyi [next-secretary] thomas

This guy was elected to write memes for the house, and write memes is what he shall do.

(I’m also a 2A-PD, feel free to ask me about that!)

Tech/Website Chair: Michael Nguyen [next-techchair] michael

2E resident, Kubernetes enthusiast, Touhou music professor. Is competent on rare occasions. I live solely to make sure the printers here don’t blow up.

Housing Chair: Rishabh Chandra [next-housing] rishabh

Vote, policy, and long email addict- legend has it that I haven’t slept this year. Housing is difficult and stressful, between roommates, finances, communities, and administration. My commitment to Next House is to reduce stress for as many people as possible. Talk to me about your ideas!

Dining Chair: Joey Noszek [next-dining] joey

I’m Joey. Talk to me if you have any questions or requests about Dining. I’m a Course 1 and I do some acting, so you can also talk to me if you want to pretend to be a train.

Treasurer: Jiayi Dong [next-treasurer] jiayi

Hello! I’m Jiayi: Course 20, crochet-enthusiast, and current guardian of the Next House piggy bank. As Treasurer, I take pride in grooming my pretty spreadsheets and emptying my RFP Inbox.

JudComm: Blair Anaman Williams [next-judcomm] blair

Hi all! I’m Blair and I’m JudComm! I oversee the various elections and votes that take place in Next House as well as supervise Next’s wingreps.

Alumni Chair: Bill Pinney [next-alumni] bill

If you didn’t know already, Next House is an absolutely fantastic place to live. It’s a vibrant community full of all sorts of amazing people, with all sorts of awesome things to share and teach. As Alumni Relations Chair, I work to make sure that the fantastic Nexties of today stay connected with the fantastic Nexties of the past. When not relating to Alumni you can catch me around Next, chilling in the 2E main lounge, working on LED lights in my room, or course 20-ing on a table somewhere. If you have any questions, or even if you just want to chat, don’t hesitate to stop by!