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GRTs and Wingreps

GRTs are graduate residence tutors that live in each wing, ready to provide advice, throw awesome study breaks, and generally make your stay at Next House more enjoyable! They are part of the House team, led by our RLAD (Residential Life Area Director), Jimmy Doan [jdoan], and our Housemasters, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero [pjarillo] and Empar Rollano-Hijarrubia [empar].

Each wing also elects one or more student wing-reps, who also help throw study breaks and generally make sure that the people in their wings are happy.


GRT - Jennifer Schall [schall] and Daniel Schall [dschall]
Wing-reps - Joey Noszek, Xiaolu Guo, and Jessica Tang


GRT - Andrea Lehn [lehn]
Wing-reps - Matt Farejowicz and Angel Alvarez


GRT - Allison Hamilos [ahamilos]
Wing-reps - Sarah Hua, Katherine Chew, and Shahul Alam


GRT - Joshua Nation [jnation]
Wing-reps - Mary Dahl and Aaron Sipser


GRT - Jacqueline Ohmura [ohmura]
Wing-reps - Sarah Gonzalez and Mitchell Guillaume


GRT - Dustin Griesemer [dsg16]
Wing-reps - Siddharth Guha and Justina Yang


5E - Kwadwo Owusu-Boaitey [kwadwo1]
Wing-reps - Li Wang and Steven Truong


5W - Forrest Meyen [meyen]
Wing-reps - Oliver Jia-Richards