Next Haunt 2016 is Over. Thanks for playing - we'll see you next year! Stay spooOOooky.
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In this year's escape game, you and five of your closest friends will be trapped inside a haunted tomb. You'll need to conquer your fears and use your wits to solve puzzles in order to escape. Should you fail, you'll be trapped in the house forever, stuck with whatever may be lurking inside...


Halloween Weekend [fri oct 28, sat oct 29, sun oct 30]

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Additional Slots! [fri nov 4]

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ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TIME. Please wait in the TFL mailbox area on the First Floor. We will come get you when it is your time.


We will not be allowing cameras/any electronic devices inside. We will have a bin outside to store any belongings.
Please wear some sort of footwear. Closed toed shoes. Shirts + pants required.
You may get a little bit of zombie blood on you. This should wash out, but please don't wear your favorite tuxedo.


You will have 25 minutes to escape the house.
Puzzles are solvable. Nothing requires brute force.
Once an actor touches you, you are paralyzed. You can talk, but cannot move.
Nothing requires you to reach on the ceiling.
Do not tamper with wires/cables/light bulbs.
Do not tamper with the fire extinguisher. It is there for your safety.
Do not jump/sit/stand on the furniture.
Do not run in the room.
Do not abuse our actors. We love them. They love you (maybe in a different way).


What is Next Haunt?

We are a student group based in the Next House, which creates and operates a Halloween haunted real-life escape the room game for the MIT community. Real-life escape the room games are physical adventures in which groups are locked in a room and must use elements in the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit.

When do you make it?

The construction of the Next Haunt house starts early October and proceeds up until the weekend before Halloween. Simultaneously, painting of the house's exterior will also take place during this build. The weekend before live runs, the house's many rooms are decorated with puzzles and furnishings.

Can I help build/paint?

Yes, yes, yes! A major goal of Next Haunt is to build community, and thus all students are encouraged to help in its production, regardless of experience. Consequently, many students who would not otherwise have the opportunity are given the chance to discover the rewarding of experience of creating a highly interactive production.

Is this free?

Admission is free all MIT students (undergrad, MEng/grad, postdoc) to encourage people to attend and experience the creative work that Next Haunt puts in. Sign up quick before space fills up!

Is there a Facebook page I can stalk?

Yes! Like us on Facebook.

More questions? Help? Anything? next-haunt-prod [at] mit [dot] edu