To connect to the wing printers, you must be connected to MIT Secure or hooked up via ethernet. MIT Guest may not work.

If you have issues with network printing, you can also print via USB (type B cable). Note: Your OS will probably list wired connection as a separate printer, so make sure you select the correct entry.

Printer Names



On Windows, under Devices and Printers in Control Panel, hit Add a printer, and then Add a network printer. Click on the bottom, The printer I want isn't listed, and then enter the above address for the printer you want. Drivers will automatically install.

On MacOS, add a new printer from Printers & Scanners under System Preferences. When adding a new printer, go to the IP tab and enter the respective address above for your printer.

If you use Linux, then it is assumed that you know how to set up a printer.

Printing to the Athena Cluster

Paperjam is our main copier/scanner/printer, capable of printing in color. One simple way to print with this is to bring a flash drive with your files and plug it into the printer. To log in to the printer, use username bamo, password bamo. For more detailed instructions, see here.

We also have a B&W printer, tree-eater, which you can print to via Pharos. For information about Pharos printing, see here.


If any printer is running low on toner, doesn’t connect, or has any other problems, send an email to